Gauze Weaving

We are proud to be the Pioneer in Gauze Cloth since 1971

Five high speed warping and five multi cylinder sizing machines sources 1600 plain power looms located in 9 different sites catering about 15 million liner metres per month of woven gauze cloth ranging from 75 cm to 164 cm width.

Each and every metre of the cloth is being inspected over 200 rolling cum inspection machines offering high standard products to the market.

For a very specialized application we manufacture leno gauze from 16 high speed Investa airjet machines with batching motion to provide more than 4000 - 5000 metres of leno gauze without joints.

Bleaching & Clean Room

With the state of art bleaching techniques, we bleach about 9 million linear metres gauze cloth per month using Hydrogen Peroxide in 4 beam dyeing machines and dried in 4 hot air stenter machines. 100% demineralised water using reverse osmosis (RO) system is used to ensure the bleaching standard as per BP, USP and EN 14079 norms. Our Quality Management Systems are certified for the ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 versions. We are also conferred with CE Marking in Class 1 & 2A and FDA Registration.

We are the only one to bleach as per International Pharmacopeia Standard in the whole of India.

Clean Room

Our clean room is the largest in the whole of Asia with absolute hygiene conditions and strictly controlled atmosphere. All our products are non-sterile with low bio-burden level.

With imported swabs and sponges machines, more than 250 sewing machines, we offer bleached slitted gauze rolls, cut gauze, gauze swabs, lap sponges, pre-washed and four folded gauze. All the products are available with and without X-ray detectable BaSo4 thread in blue (woven) or black (pasted) with or without loop.

Environmental Care

Being an eco-friendly organization, we have a unique system of effluent treatment plant. Every drop of water is either reused after treatment or evaporated with highly sophisticated latest technologies in compliance with environmental care.

With zero discharge facilities, we protect our environment. Being a socially responsible corporate, we have dedicated most of our lands for vegetation paving to a greener world.

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