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Textile Products


At 3 different locations and with latest spinning machineries, Arumuga spins 100% Cotton Carded and Combed Yarns from counts ranging from Ne 30s to Ne 62s, both in single and doubled yarns.

Arumuga owns a range of highly sophisticated machineries from the families of Trutzschler, Rieter, Zinser, Suessen Asia, Savio, Uster catering to a total spindlage capacity of 75,000 spindles with a monthly output of about 700 mt of yarn.

Colour fibres and foreign particles are a major problem in the yarn quality that all spinning mills in India faces. We use latest Vetal Scanner that scans every pinch of cotton fibre being processed through the blow room line in order to eliminate the colour fibres and other foreign particles in the yarn, offering market with a contamination free yarn.

We employ imported Savio Auto Coners to provide high quality, spliced, even auto coned yarns. The presence of Siro Clearer which cleans foreign particles is an added value.

Quality Control

To maintain and improve the quality, sampling is done at each and every stage of the process including raw fibre, lap, sliver, roving & yarn. With well equipped laboratory, various tests such as fibre staple, gtex, micronnaire, moisture, lint/trash, maturity, yarn strength, grade, evenness of yarn, sliver and roving are carried out.

Our lab technicians draw random samples every day in every point of the process.